Body Safe Materials

Although many sex toy manufacturers will make the claim their toys are non-toxic, phthalate free or body safe the truth is that this is not always the case and certain sex toy materials such as Jelly, Rubber and PVC should be avoided at all costs regardless of the intended use. For a list of what are commonly considered as body safe materials and their benefits read on.

You should always purchase toys from well known and respected brands and retailers, and avoid purchasing through sites such as Wish and Aliexpress where there is little to no guarantee that the toys are made of the material they claim.

It is also important to note that there is also a small degree of risk when purchasing through Amazon due to how they handle their inventory, it cannot be guaranteed that you will receive a genuine product even when purchasing a brand name item.

ABS (Plastic)

ABS is a non-porous hard plastic material that is typically used for for vibrators designed for external stimulation such as bullets or pinpoint clitoral stimulators such as the Zumio. Due to its hard and unyielding nature it transfers vibration extremely effectively. It is also commonly used in forming handles, storage cases and for toys that require a hard outer casing eg. Fleshlight. Compatible with all lubricants be it water, silicone or oil based.*

*Extreme care must be taken and only water based lubricant should be used with ABS toys that feature silicone or silicone coated parts as oil and silicone based lubricant will cause the toy to degrade and breakdown.


Stainless Steel

Toys manufactured from high quality medical grade Stainless Steel such as the renowned njoy Pure Wand usually come with a high price tag, but when cared for correctly will quite literally last a lifetime. The smooth, polished surface is compatible with all lubricants and will only require the smallest amount. Hard and unyielding, toys made from stainless steel are ideal for g-spot/p-spot stimulation due to the added weight over their glass/ABS counterparts. They also hold temperature well so are ideal for experimenting with temperature play, simply chill the toy in the fridge or warm it with warm water for an entirely different experience.

Stainless Steel toys can be cleaned by hand with antibacterial soap and water, but scourers should never be used as they can damage the surface finish. When finished simply wipe down with a lint free cloth and store the toy in it’s pouch or display box to avoid any risk of scratches or damage.

If you would like to sterilize the toy following anal use or prior to using it with another play partner it is recommended that the toy be steamed in a bamboo steamer for 20 minutes. If boiling is your preferred method it is important to place a soft cloth or liner in the base of the pan to stop the toy contacting directly as once a rolling boil is reached the bouncing would cause scuffs and scratches to the surface of the toy. In either case the toy will be dangerously hot following sterilization so it is important that it is left to cool sufficiently before handling.